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Meet The Puppets

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Stanley Onion

The lead character in the full length puppet play, The Dragon of Polish Hill. He’s the oldest man in Polish Hill and he’s made from… onions. He’s an onion man. He’s an onion, man.


Mr Funfangles

And his Fabulous Night Creatures!


Halloween 2017

Mr Funfangles and Jerry McNoise shake down Liberty Avenue.


He'll Never Work In This Town Again!

Just kidding. He will.

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Jerry McNoise

Jerry is Mr. Funfangles' keytar player and confidant. He usually nods out on the edge of the box but sometimes he puts down the keytar and tears his own eyes off.


Miss Ham-BBQ

Miss Ham BBQ was created as a doll by Daniel Baxter- the talent behind The Kreepy Doll Factory. When I bought this doll from him I asked his permission to turn it into a marionette and he loved the idea. Good dude. I love the way this puppet moves. She's a dancer and one of the Fabulous Night Creatures and she's happy with that- but she longs to find a horn to play in the band. The right one hasn't come along yet.

Puppet Judy Pankowski.jpg

Judy Pankowski


Judy Pankowski

Puppet Anarchy Baby.JPG

Anarchy Baby

Anarchy Baby is the new face of the National Puppelitis Foundation. He's being rehabilitated and working for Mr. Funfangles part time as a roadie after living in a freezer bag for two years. He's taking it one step at a time toward becoming a puppet.

Puppet- Zack Zebra.jpg

Zack The Zebra

Pictured here without his other half, Zeke The Zebra.

Puppet Jihm The Wolf Bellied Eater of Falsehoods 2.JPG

Jihm The Wolf Bellied Eater of Faslehoods

Jihm! One and done. I gave Jihm away at the holiday puppet swap. I need to make him again.

Puppet- Dr Danny Gorilla.JPG

Dr Danny Gorilla

Dr. Danny Gorilla is a pink cyborg gorilla who has been running a pirate multi-media show from a stolen HOTOL vehicle defunded by British Aerospace Programme in 1982. His orbit is decaying and the International Telecommunications Union is on his back about operating an unregistered satellite- but he's signed on for another season so we'll see what happens.


The Dr. Danny Gorilla Show